The InteleTravel Education Center

Educating our Travel Agents is one of our biggest priorities.

InteleTravel University

Our Agents are the most knowledgeable in the industry thanks to our three-tiered certification programme.

These certifications represent our agents level of understanding of the travel industry and engagement as an InteleTravel agent. As agents fulfill the requirements, they become more familiar with InteleTravel and the travel industry in general.

InteleTravel Ambassador

Agents who have completed the Dream Maker and Vacation Builder certifications and our on their way to becoming a Travel Genius are eligible to enter in to our next programme: InteleTravel Ambassador.

Watch and Learn

InteleTravel Online Academy

A requirement for the Vacation Builder Certification, these training videos help deepen our Agents knowledge on all things InteleTravel.

InteleTutorial Library

Exclusive audio and multi-media guides directly from the world’s top travel executives.

Partner Education

These educational opportunities are brought to you by leading travel suppliers and industry associations.

Want to Learn More? Download the Work From Home Travel Agent eBook!

Becoming a Travel Agent with InteleTravel is easy. And our eBook: Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Successful InteleTravel Agent will prepare you for when it comes time to book your first trip – for you or a client – and confident enough to answer any questions your clients may have.

In This eBook You Will Learn:

  1. What kind of travel can I sell as an InteleTravel agent?
  2. Who are some of Inteletravel’s partners?
  3. How do I book a trip?
  4. What are the marketing tools I can receive?
  5. Is InteleTravel going to help me learn about the travel industry?
  6. How do I know what my commission is going to be?
  7. Can you give me an example of the kind of exclusive offers customers receive?
  8. Why would anyone want to buy travel from me?
  9. How do I get started as a work from home travel agent?

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