InteleTrust Guarantee

100% ‘No Questions Asked’ Money Back Guarantee

While new to the UK, the InteleTravel brand has operated for over 25 years in the US. InteleTravel stands behind its unique programme and services and guarantees the satisfaction of our customers unconditionally. If you are dissatisfied with’s renowned Home-Based Travel Agent Programme for any reason in your first 30 days after enrollment, simply cancel in writing during that time for a full 100% refund of enrollment fees paid to

(Income from travel commissions or other amounts earned from during that period, if any, will be deducted from refund amount.)

Profit Guarantee

After more than 25 years of experience in the US, InteleTravel’s unique Home-Based Agent Programme is so easy, powerful and fully supported, that we offer the only known Profit Guarantee for a home-based business! Terms and conditions apply. See below.

If you do not earn and/or save more in your first year as an agent than it costs you in fees paid to, we will refund you the difference! (Terms and conditions apply. See below.) At your written request, and within 30 days after the one year anniversary of your enrollment, we will calculate your earnings from travel commissions and other bonuses, and your savings from any discount travel purchases and industry privileges for you and your travel companions. If they fall short of the enrollment fee and monthly access fees you have paid to in your first year, we will refund you the difference.

Terms and Conditions

To ensure that you have made a reasonable and sincere effort to conduct a successful travel business, you must meet all of the following simple fairness criteria to submit a valid Profit Guarantee request:

  1. You must have completed the required basic training course (complimentary) in your first 90 days from enrollment.
  2. You must have attended at least 4 free training webinars in your first year.
  3. You must have sold at least one cruise or holiday package through an preferred partner (see current Preferred Partner Directory) that has sailed, or has been paid in full and is nonrefundable, in your first year.
  4. You must have made at least one hotel room night reservation with a completed stay, per quarter in your first year.
  5. You must have created your free website in your first 90 days and maintain the live-status publishing of it for your entire first year.
  6. You must have purchased and received business cards in your first 90 days.
  7. You must have completed at least one free specialist course with an preferred partner (see Preferred Partner Directory) in your first 90 days.
  8. Applies to your first year as an Agent only, and only to enrollment fees and monthly access fees actually paid to Your request for Profit Guarantee must be made in writing within 30 days after the one year anniversary of your enrollment. You must have completed one full year of valid agent status with, and been in good standing (no payment failures or credit hold or inactive status; no violations of your IC Agreement or other rules) during that entire period and at the time of your request.
  9. Only one claim is allowed per Agent.

Best Travel Price Guarantee

Book and confirm any type of travel through, and if you find a directly comparable lower price within certain notice periods, we will match or beat it. (Terms and conditions apply. See below.) If we fail to match or beat the price, will issue you an InteleBucks credit of 110% of the difference for use toward future travel purchases.

Terms and Conditions

Submitting a Best Price Guarantee Claim
Note: Travel Fares and Rates are set by the travel supplier – our partner cruise lines, hotels, holiday companies, etc – and not by or any other travel agency. These prices are built on complex factors like class of service (e.g. first class vs. economy), types of rooms and cars, availability for your selected dates, yield management and occupancy considerations by the supplier (how full they expect to be for those dates), the day and even the time you make the reservation, travelers age and state/province of residence, and more. Therefore it is critical to any comparison that these factors are exactly the same for each price quote. In other words, you have to compare “apples to apples” and not “apples to oranges”. Our easy online claim form will help you ensure a proper comparison and a valid claim.

Please collect the following information before completing the InteleTrust Best Travel Price Guarantee Claim Form:

  • Your Confirmation Number or Booking ID.
  • The address of the website or publication where you found the better rate.
  • The details of the travel – name and address of the hotel, cruise line and ship, city and country, etc.
  • You can attach up to three screenshots or photos of the competitor site or advertisement in which the availability dates, search date, room type/cabin class/car category/class of air service, promotion type and rate/fare for the required dates of the travel are clearly indicated.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You don’t need to make a booking with the competitor; just show us the comparison

Terms and Conditions
1. InteleTrust Best Travel Price Guarantee applies to confirmed bookings only, made through You must provide us with your Confirmation Number or Booking ID in order to make a claim.

2. Claim Submission – Required Notice Period:
You must file a completed online Claim form prior to the these deadlines:

  • For hotels, 48 hours prior to your 12:00AM ET of your check-in date or other cancellation penalty date.
  • For flights, until 5:PM ET on the day after you reserved your flight(s) with InteleTravel.
  • For car rentals, until your scheduled pick-up time/date.
  • For cruises and holiday packages or tours, within 7 days of reservation with InteleTravel and at least 48 hours prior to final payment being due or 48 hours prior to any cancellation penalty period.

Claims received after these deadlines cannot be considered.

3. The following conditions must apply:

  • Same exact hotel, cruise ship, car company, holiday company or other provider
  • Same exact period of stay or travel
  • Same exact room/bed, cabin category, car category, class of air service, and itinerary
  • Same advance purchase requirements, payment, prepayment, service fee and deposit requirements (if any)
  • Same cancellation and amendment policies
  • The room, cabin, air reservation, holiday package, etc. must be available for instant confirmation at the time our agents check availability
  • The total base purchase price of the travel must be at least £40.00, not including any taxes or fees
  • InteleTrust Best Price Guarantee does not apply to differences based on service fees, booking fees, processing fees, shipping fees, paper-ticket fees and other fees not included in the base travel price, nor to differences based on add-on services or products such as additional guests or beds, premium seat charges, baggage charges, beverage packages, shore excursions, onboard spending credits, gratuities, premium dining charges, fuel, infant car seats, etc., not included in the base travel price.

4. InteleTrust Best Price Guarantee does not apply to unpublished rates, such as:

  • Private rates
  • Packaged or promotional rates where the rate for the compared component is not separately quoted and visible to the customer
  • Hotel rooms or car rentals or tour rates individually, when sold as part of a travel package
  • Any travel where the name of the supplier (hotel, airline, cruise line, operator, etc.) is hidden or unknown to the customer at the time of purchase.
  • Rates that are not available to the general public, which include:
    – Travel industry rates, agent rates, fams, fams
    – Corporate discount rates
    – Group or meeting rates
    – Any rates requiring membership, (i.e. AAA or AARP rates)
    – Loyalty programmes
    – Any organization with rates intended for a specific group of individuals and are not meant for the general public
    – Travel won as part of a contest, sweepstakes, etc.

5. has the right and discretion to determine the validity of any claim, including but not limited to, determining that it is for the same travel partner brand, property, ship, vendor, dates, and that it meets all terms, conditions and claims processing requirements. InteleTravel reserves the right to 1) deny any claims that cannot be verified, or for which you have provided incomplete information; 2) request additional documentation to prove that any claim is not the result of fraud or suspicious behavior or contrary to the intent of the InteleTrust Best Price Guarantee programme; and 3) request documentation to prove that the credit card used to make the booking has a valid United States billing address.

Limit of one (1) InTeleTrust Best Price Guarantee claim per customer per calendar month, regardless of number of accounts used by that customer, and regardless of whether such claims were approved or denied. reserves the right to reclaim any InteleBucks issued in excess of this limit, or where the customer has been deemed by to be abusing the InteleTrust Best Price Guarantee programme for personal or financial gains.’s judgment on all rules shall be final.

6. InteleTrust Best Travel Price Guarantee cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.

7. reserves the right to amend, revise, supplement, suspend or discontinue the InteleTrust Best Travel Price Guarantee and all its terms at any time. InteleBucks may be redeemed for a period of up to one year, or in accordance with any terms printed on the credit confirmation, regardless of whether the InteleTrust Best Travel Price Guarantee programme is suspended or discontinued.

8. will not be liable for the payment of any claims under the Best Price Guarantee with respect to rates loaded in error by or the airline, hotel, cruiseline or car rental Company or any printing, typographical, administrative or technological errors in any materials relating to rates backed by the Best Price Guarantee.

These Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions include and incorporate by reference the standard website Terms of Use.

Fraud Alert

Your InteleTravel Agent protects you by never accepting cash or travel payments to PayPal or other personal accounts.

Purchase travel through InteleTravel with peace of mind - your money and your dream trip are protected and secure. Your payments always go directly to the travel supplier (hotel, cruise line, airline, etc.) or InteleTravel. If you are asked for cash or personal payments, call 0330-808-4419.