Find out how our agents have made InteleTravel work for them.

InteleTravel will work for you:

  • No quotas to meet
  • No minimum requirements to join
  • You can book travel for your clients as often or as little as you like! Some agents work every day, while others only book travel once or twice a year
  • Get started right away: interact with other agents, share experiences, and learn more about the travel industry as soon as you join
  • No matter what, you earn a commission on every sale

Zonia Anderson-Bell

“We’ve had so many suppliers come on board to work with us and the training we receive is phenomenal. I’m doing something or learning something every night”
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Zonia Anderson-Bell

Paul Kelbie

“If we can do this during lockdown, just think what it could be like when the restrictions are completely off and people really start travelling.” – Paul Kelbie, January 2021

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Tisha Spencer

“I no longer feel like I can’t go somewhere due to lack of money. Between my commissions and booking incentives, I can literally go anywhere in the world.”

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Jacqueline Skurla

“I want them to have the best experience possible, and to be able to recommend, from my own experience, some magical trips of their own.”

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InteleTravel Agent Case Study: Charlie Sexton

Charlie Sexton

“InteleTravel has the the friendliest, most knowledgeable folks in the industry! They provide a number of tools that make you a better agent.”

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Christine Ciletti

“I LOVE the freedom to arrange my own schedule. To be able to take time off to attend a daily Zumba Class, go to lunch with friends or even go on a cruise without having to ask permission for time off from my boss… I’m the Boss!”

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InteleTravel Agent Case Study: Christine Ciletti
InteleTravel Agent Case Study: Stephanie Thorpe

Stephanie Thorpe

“I was helping all my friends plan their Disney vacations and not making any money. I knew there had to be a way to get paid for doing all that planning.”

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Mandy Goddard

“InteleTravel is an opportunity to take one’s travel passion above and beyond anything ever anticipated!”

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InteleTravel Agent Case Study: Mandy Goddard